5 Different Styles of Homes

William Collins

November 15, 2022

William Collins

There are many different styles of homes available on the market. Learn about the Colonial, Contemporary, and American Farmhouse styles. Each one has unique characteristics and benefits. Find out the pros and cons of each before you make a decision. There are many advantages to each style, but the right one for you will depend on your needs and your budget.

Contemporary-Styles of Homes

Contemporary homes have straight lines, unconventional angles, and sleek materials. The interiors are also open and spacious, with large windows and open floor plans. These homes are perfect for people who like to keep up with home trends. But if you are new to contemporary home styles, you should know a few things to help you decide which one is right.

Contemporary homes are built with the environment in mind. They may use reclaimed materials and include solar panels on the roof. They also often include splashes of color in the design, although the shades should complement each other and be subtle. It would help if you also avoided flimsy furniture with rough edges. Contemporary homes are generally designed to give residents a peaceful feeling.

Contemporary homes tend to be simple and uncluttered and feature natural materials and colors. The colors and materials used in contemporary home designs are neutral or light and can be used in various ways. Natural materials are often used, such as light wood or glass. Upholstered furniture and simple baseboards are common in contemporary homes.

Another contemporary home style is the stone-home style. This type of style incorporates many unique features. The main living area is open, and large windows provide natural light. The style is also perfect for those who like scenic open spaces and sleek lines.

American Farmhouse-Styles of Homes

Farmhouse-style homes are a great choice for families. They are flexible and can accommodate a variety of needs. The Arts and Crafts movement popularized these types of homes, which also gave rise to the Craftsman home. Craftsman homes tend to be more rustic and traditional in design and are often influenced by elements of other styles. The American Farmhouse style is classic and has a simple but functional design. The style is common throughout the US and shows regional variations.

Historically, the farmhouse style originated in the Old World and made its way to America in the early 18th century. The early farmhouses were designed for farmers and often used locally available materials. They were relatively cheap to build and were often very simple. Typical features included a rectangular plan, large porches, wooden floors, wrought iron hardware, and a central fireplace. As the American farmhouse style spread, it splintered into regional variations, each with its features.

The traditional American Farmhouse is one and a half or two stories, with a roof at the front. The interiors are typically open and unadorned, with the main living areas in the front of the home intended for entertaining and less formal spaces in the rear.